Pokemon Fire Sword Randomizer Download

Pokemon Fire Sword Randomizer Free Download

Pokemon Fire Sword Randomizer is a game that is based on Pokemon Fire Red and has a nearly identical storyline, but everything has been randomised this time. The physical/special split for movesets, which allows Gigantamax, Mega Evolution, and Galar Forms, is one of the hack’s most notable features. Several new pokemon have been added to the game, making it even more exciting to complete all of the missions on time and discover some of the game’s hidden areas.

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Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Fire Sword Randomizer:

The plot is similar to that of Pokemon FireRed, with the player beginning their journey in Pallet Town. Discover the Pallet town and its amazing new Pokemon catching process. Some Pokemon have been added to Pokemon Fire Sword Randomizer that were not present in Pokemon Fire Red. Pokemon from Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver have been added to the game, giving you a total of 549 Pokemon to collect.

The plot is more interesting than Pokemon Fire Red’s, with more events occurring earlier in comparison to its counterpart. There are several randomization mechanics in place, such as weather effects, wild pokemon encounters, dialogue, and other features that make the game more appealing and fun.

When you first start it, you discover that Professor Oak has been kidnapped by Team Rocket agents. As a result, he never gives the player his Pokédex or any starter Pokémon; however, as part of the quest to save Professor Oak, he allows them to choose their own Pokémon. Pokemon Fire Sword Randomizer has high-quality graphics that make players feel more connected to the game and make it more appealing to Pokemon fans.

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Pokemon are back, and this time they have some interesting names like Pokemon Goomy, Pokemon Meinshao, Pokemon Dangoro, and so on. Pokemon Moon sword randomizer is jam-packed with amazing battles and adventures throughout the Kanto region, making it a fun-filled experience for all pokemon fans out there. At this time, more than 100 players have completed the game without using any cheats or programming codes.

Meeting with Professor Oak:

The game begins with the player leaving the Pokemon Trainer’s school in Pallet Town. The Professor will lead you to a Pokemon before asking you to run an errand for him by delivering a Pokemon egg to his friend to the north of Pokemon Fire Red Version.

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When the player first encounters Professor Oak, he instructs them to select a starter Pokémon from each of these desks. Professor Oak first asks the player to choose an animal type, which his friend Avery does. Professor Oak will battle you in the tutorial once he has determined your Pokémon starter’s strengths and weaknesses against various other types of monsters.

You must raise Pokemon Cleffa after discovering the Pokemon egg, which is guarded by some Pokemon trainers who are guiding you towards this mission. As a result, players must first defeat them in order to obtain their Pokemon Egg, which contains a Pokemon cleffa inside. You can go near Route 3 at night or during stormy weather for a higher encounter rate in wild Pokemon battles due to more grass moving/ shaking events occurring while walking around the region, such as encountering Pidgey instead.

Mega Evolution:

Mega Evolution is a new mechanic added by Pokemon Fire sword randomizer this time. By defeating Pokemon League, you can obtain a Pokemon Mega Stone, as well as an awakening stone from Professor Oak, which allows your Pokemon to Mega Evolve into stronger forms.

Pokemon Gallade, Pokemon Blaziken, and other types of Pokemon are available through the Mega Evolution mechanic. Once these mega evolved Pokemon become mega evolved, they must meet certain requirements. For example, the Pokemon must possess the item known as a megastone. This is obtained by completing the Nimbasa City Gym Leader’s challenge, trading with another player who has one, or purchasing it from someone in the Global Trade Station. Some of the other mega-evolved Pokémon, such as Pokemon Mawile, require a specific item to Mega Evolve into Pokemon Mega Mawile, such as a Mawilite. Pokemon Espeon and Pokemon Umbreon require their respective mega stones, which were previously obtained at Aspertia City’s Pokemon Center. Also, consider downloading Pokemon Black Cinder (Updated)

Also, be sure to try out Pokemon Fire Red Extreme Randomizer

Fairy Type Pokemon:

There is a new type of Pokemon called fairy type Pokemon in Pokemon fire sword randomizer. The Fairy-Type has high offensive stats such as Attack and Special Attack, but they are weak defensively with only 30 points in Defense and 50 in HP, making them easy targets in battle when going up against Dragon type pokemon such as Dragonite, who has a very low defence stat of 25 making it difficult for other types or attack types to defeat this monster. These types of monsters appear in the late game when you visit certain areas.

What are some awesome features of Fairy Type Pokemon:

Fairy Pokemon can learn fairy moves such as Dazzling Gleam, Moonblast, and Play Rough. These Pokemon are very attractive, with pink hair and shiny wings, making them difficult to defeat, especially in it.

These Pokemon eggs cannot be obtained by visiting a Pokemon Daycare or by hoping on a wild Pokemon Egg found on the ground:

1) You must seek out hidden rainbow shards throughout the Kanto region, which you can obtain from Legendary Pokemon (Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres) or by trading with someone who possesses one. Hidden Rainbow Shards are not tradeable, so if you choose this stone path, make sure you have someone who has them.

2) You can get Pokemon egg from Pokemon Daycare which requires Pokemon like Chansey, Blissey or Pokemon holding Oval Stone to hold while Pokemon Daycare woman is taking care of your Pokemon.

3) You’ll need to make a trade with another player who has a Pokemon egg in order to get the Pokemon you want. Because these Pokemon are uncommon, it can be difficult to find someone willing to trade you one, but it is not impossible! That’s why we have such a large community of randomizers in our Discord channel and on this subreddit. You should also try server trading because the mechanics differ slightly between servers and you may be able to get what you want faster that way if it is available. ​

Galar and Alola Forms:

The two Pokemon forms in Pokemon Fire Sword randomizer are Galar and Alola Forms. Pokemon variants such as Pokemon Rowlet, Pokemon Litten, and Pokemon Popplio are examples of Pokemon that can switch between these forms. These Pokemon are the same as far as stats go, but you get to see them in different outfits. Also, consider downloading Pokemon Eternal X. (v2.67 Updated)

Before you can catch Pokemon like these two different types of Pokemon from the Alola region, you must first complete your National Pokedex.

What Are Some Interesting Things About Galar and Alola Forms:

To obtain “Alola” from Pokemon, you must first complete your National Pokedex before challenging the Elite Four in a core-series game or trading over a “already caught” one from another gen 7 game’s Global Trade Station. Pokemon from Pokemon Go can be transferred to the game. The Pokemon’s original form and stats will be retained. Pokemon Go’s Pokemon do not have access to hidden abilities, but they do learn all of their moves from Pokemon Sun Moon (like Waterfall and Surf).

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Galar Form Pokemon have new designs, such as different ears, noses, or manes, while others resemble their normal counterparts with minor colour differences. Many “Alola” forms have also received updated movesets, which include new type effectiveness and STAB boosts over the originals.

Randomized Pokemon Spawns:

Pokemon Spawns are Pokemon that can spawn in almost any area in the Pokemon Fire Sword Randomizer game. Pokemon that normally only appear in one region are now seen spawning all over the world.

Pokemon with the same moveset are very easy to defeat. When you defeat them, you gain a lot of experience points, and they also serve as good training for your Pokemon because they act as a checkpoint where you can fight them at any time, but most importantly, if you want their held item, this is the place to go!

Game Plus Mode is now available. In New Game Plus mode, the player uses a save file from another game to continue playing with the Pokemon in the Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon files. Pokemon from Pokemon Go can be transferred to it, but they will retain their original form and stats. Pokemon Go’s Pokemon do not have access to hidden abilities in games, but they do learn all of their moves from Pokemon Sun Moon (like Waterfall and Surf).

Legendary Pokemon Profiles: Legendary Pokemon are scattered throughout the Kanto region and can be found with shards so that you can unlock them at some point during your gameplay experience. Legendary Pokémon include Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Mewtwo!

Articuno: This legendary bird Pokemon appears as an Ice/Flying type Pokémon in Pokeflute Safari Zone, as well as an Ice/Flying type Pokémon in Pokemon Let’s Go Pokemon. Articuno possesses the ability Pressure, which increases the damage inflicted by any of its attack moves by 30% if its HP falls below 50%. Download Pokemon Omega Ruby Randomizer is another option.

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At Pokemon Tower, you can find Articuno!


This legendary bird Pokemon appears as an Electric type Pokemon in Pokeflute Safari Zone. Its normal typing is a dual Water/Electric type Pokemon, but for unknown reasons, it appears as an Electric type Pokémon. Zapdos has the ability pressure, and when its HP falls below 50%, it will increase all electricity moves by 30%, including Thunder Shock, Thunderbolt, and Discharge. This Pokemon recharges by basking in thunder clouds.

Zapdos appears in Pokemon fire sword randomizer at Pokemon Tower!


This legendary bird Pokemon appears as a Fire/Flying type Pokemon with the ability Pressure in Pokeflute Safari Zone. When Pokemon Let’s Go Pokemon is released, it will appear as a dual Flying/Fire type Pokemon (rather than the standard Fire/Flying type seen in Pokemon Ruby Version), but the reason for this is unknown. Moltres also has the ability pressure, which increases all fire moves by 30% when its HP drops below 50%, including Air Cutter, Flamethrower, and Overheat. This Pokemon is said to appear only when there is an eruption near Lavender Town, making it difficult to find without the assistance of Professor Oak.