Pokemon Dark Violet Free Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Dark Violet Free Download

Pokemon Dark Violet is one of the most popular and widely downloaded adventure-based pokemon rom hacks for the Fire Red Version. The game (Pokemon Dark Violet Download Version) is entirely focused on the three boys’ upcoming adventures and challenges. Two of them are from Pallet Town, and one is from Viridian City, and they are looking for adventure in the Kanto region. As we all know, there are a slew of new pokemons in town, and you’ll have to interact with them. They’ve arrived in Kanto to collect their eight badges and compete in the Pokemon League Challenge. Let’s look into the game’s hidden features and updates.

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Basic Info of the Dark Violet Version:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Dark Violet Final Edition
  • Remake of Fire Red
  • Platform: GBA
  • Creator: Chaos Rush

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Dark Violet Version GBA:

As this is a well-known hack of the fire red rom, you will have to go on some adventures in the Kanto region. Many tasks remain to be completed in the area. The characters’ new moves will motivate you to move forward and complete the challenges. As there are three main characters who are set apart from their respective regions and are located in the Kanto region. Try the Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma Game or the Pokemon Red(++) Plus Plus Game as well.

In the Kanto region, the main characters must collect all eight badges before moving on to other pending tasks. After obtaining various badges, you will be required to visit various gyms and challenge the gym leaders who are present. You must take part in the Pokemon League Challenge, which includes a variety of competitions. Many teams are also taking part in the league.

Red, Green, and Blue are the names of the main characters. While in the Kanto region, you will meet a variety of people, including Blue’s elder sister, Daisy. She will accompany you on all of your adventures. Many new types of moves are available in the game, such as movesets based on B2/W2 movesets. The game includes approximately 113 new movesets from Generations 4 and 5.

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Team Rocket:

One of the evil team members you’ll have to hunt down in the Kanto region. The majority of them are against you and will challenge you every step of the way. Professor Oak will give you the starter pokemon, and all three of them are prepared to face all of the challenges. There are many new enemies in the game who are far more powerful than you. Test out the most recent version of Blazed Glazed Game.

You will encounter the Kamon Character from Team Rocket. Meet the Kamon in various locations and challenge him to complete all of the tasks in the game. Many adventures are in the queue and can be easily explored using the map.

New Moves and Pokemons:

There are some new pokemons in the game that are quite advanced. The majority of them are from Generations 4 and 5, which are fantastic. Some of the movesets are also from Generation 3, which is great if you’re in a region like Kanto.

Some new pokemons have appeared in the game, advancing the game’s pokedex. You must also complete the pokedex and search for various types of pokemon in the area. Many of them are hidden throughout the area.

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Snapshots of the Gameplay:

List of Some Amazing Features and Updates in Pokemon Dark Violet Version GBA:

  • Having some new movesets.
  • About 200 new Pokemon are available.
  • Many new areas in the map.
  • Physical and Special Split.
  • Redone the overall music.
  • Having amazing graphics.
  • 113 new movesets.
  • DS-Style Pokemon Sprites.

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