Pokemon Ultra Quartz Free Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Ultra Quartz Free Download

Pokemon Ultra Quartz is one of the most anticipated roms for Pokemon Ruby, containing the best collection of pokemon as well as some fakemon. Prepare for exciting adventures as you explore the lands that have been bestowed upon you. Download Pokemon Ultra Quartz ROM for GBA, even GBA fans will be happy for this awesome hack in the pokemon ruby series after a long time. We’ve played several Ruby hacks, but this one stands out due to its gameplay and battle scenes. Completing the Pokedex is one of the main tasks, and the game has undergone several graphic changes that make it unique for us to play. Let’s get started and see what amazing features are available in the game. Check out Pokemon Masters EX as well (V2.5)

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Ultra Quartz
  • Remake of: Pokemon Ruby
  • Language: English
  • Remake by: Le Ruse Bird
  • Platform: GBA

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Ultra Quartz GBA:

The creator, Le Ruse Bird, created this rom hack in 2006 with many new updates and graphics effects that make the overall gameplay experience a lot more unique. The main character must devise a strategy to complete missions on time in order to gain enough EXP Points. The main gameplay scenes are from Spanish Glory, making the game unlike any other Pokemon Ruby rom hack. As soon as the game begins, the main character must select the gender of the character and then select a starter pokemon from the list of pokemon available as starters. The starter pokemon list is extensive, and all of the best pokemon are available in the game. This is the only pokemon hack we’ve seen so far that includes all 386 fakemon, making the gameplay even more amazing.

National Dex is a core element in the game, and completing it is a core task as well. Because every type of old and new pokemon has a place in the National dex. All of these pokemon have unique powers and abilities, making it simple for us to capture and use specific characters in the game. These characters have abilities that can be measured during battles and other difficult tasks. Almost all of the pokemon in the National dex are now available, making the gameplay experience more varied this time. Some of them are wild type pokemon that can be difficult to maintain and keep in the pokedex. Serious changes have been made to the starters list of all pokemon.

Trainers in the game are endowed with numerous powers and the best abilities to battle and train various types of Pokemon. The main character must play the game with the goal of becoming the best trainer in the game in mind. You must complete several tasks, such as catching various wild pokemon, adding them to the National dex, and then training them. Training them is one of the most important tasks, and it is simple if you have caught enough pokemon characters in the game. Dreaming of becoming a Pokemon master is one of the most important tasks, and in order to do so, you must complete a variety of tasks that should lead you to success.

Battle System and Towers:

The battle system has undergone several changes, including new graphics effects and animations. There are some changes, such as the re-enablement of battle towers. Some minor effects, such as the battle music system, are being altered. The game corner has also been re-enabled, making it easier to play each and every battle of the game, just like in Pokemon Greninja-Z. Speaking of the tiles imported from Pokemon Emerald, they look really cool when the player moves over them and goes on adventures. The adventure area has been added, which must be discovered in order to catch different pokemon and have the best time to play each mission.

All of the Fakemon that are added to the game can have the best fighting abilities and can challenge their enemies and rivals. Remember that all of your opponents have the best pokemon collection in the national dex. This way, they may be well on their way to completing the game as well as all of the missions. Some really interesting characters, such as Pikachu and others, have been added that can be used as starter pokemon and to explore some areas. One of the main updates is the addition of the pokeball. Check out Pokemon Zard Latest Version as well.

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Ultra Quartz GBA Download:

  • Having the best gameplan.
  • Nearly all the pokemon including the 386 fakemon.
  • New areas to discover.
  • Catch different pokemon.
  • Train different pokemon.
  • Some Interesting music and graphics effects.
  • The Battle towers and Game Corner is re-enabled.
  • Every single trainer edited for a higher level curve
  • Overworld tiles Pokemon Emerald.
  • Day and Night system.

Download Pokemon Ultra Quartz GBA For Free:


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