Pokemon Wish ROM Download

Pokemon Wish ROM Free Download

Pokemon Wish is a GBA hack of Pokemon FireRed Version that features a new region to explore and discover mysterious things in the land. Pokemon Wish Download has a unique storyline that begins in an ancient time and civilization that survived thousands of years ago. The entire game is set in the Acromian Civilization, which has its own set of rules and customs. They have progressed over the last few decades from small trading ports to large empires and tycoons. The game’s pokedex is changing this time due to the addition of some new characters. Get the Pokemon Apollo Game as well.

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Some Basic Info About Pokemon Wish ROM GBA Download:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Wish GBA Version
  • Remake of FireRed Version
  • Author/Creator: PSI Master
  • Available in Language: English

Complete Walkthrough and Gameplay of Pokemon Wish Version GBA Game:

The Acromian Empire has been around for a few decades and has a very rich culture. They had some small trading ports in the past, but they also formed a large empire that was impossible to break. Suddenly, a world war breaks out, affecting the Acromian Empire as well.

The Young Lord asked the wishmaker to end the violence in the area in order to keep the peace in the area. This area’s region assigned to you is quite unique and large to explore. The game has some new characters and alternate forms, making it more complex. There are approximately 14 Alternate forms present in the game, as well as approximately 386 new Pokemons to explore.

You’ll be surprised to see pokemon from Gen 1 to 7, which is a rare feature in any GB A Pokemon Hack. The professor will guide you, but first you must assist him because he is inebriated. All of this should be done to prevent violence in the region, but there are still a few questions to be answered.

  • Do you know that why does the Black Blood clan seek to revive the Wishmaker?
  • Find the Reason that why did Acromia suddenly change its political system?
  • Who or what is the mysterious being guiding you?
  • Will you or your brother challenge the Acromian League first, and who will fill up more of the Pokedex?

These are some of the questions which should be asked during the gameplay and at the same time, it should be answered as well.

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About the new Region and Graphics:

The region in the game is quite unique and mysterious, with many secrets from the previous decades to uncover. You must explore the entire region in order to find some wild Pokemons. In addition, the graphics are really cool to explore in the game. The UI has been significantly altered while retaining the old menu system. In the game, you will be able to use and explore some new graphical 3D elements. You can choose between Pokemon Victory Fire and Pokemon Sienna. Download

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Screenshots of the Gameplay:

Some Best Features of Pokemon Wish ROM Download:

  • Having new Sleek design of several elements.
  • A unique story to learn.
  • New 3D Elements to explore and use in the game.
  • The Professor is ready to help.
  • The region is quite awesome to explore.
  • Some new characters and Pokemon are present.
  • About 380 new pokemons and alternate forms are present.
  • Having Pokemons from Gen 1 to 7
  • Fariy Type and Wild Type are present.
  • Having day and Night System present.
  • Mega Evolution to explore and expericnce.
  • Having some new reusable TMs
  • The TMs are custom.
  • Decapitalization and Repel System.



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