Pokemon Lunar Version Rom Download

Pokemon Lunar Version Rom Free Download

Pokemon Lunar is one of the best remakes of Pokemon Fire Red Version, with a slew of new features and characters to spice up the gameplay. Pokemon Lunar GBA Download from Pokemongbaroms.com has an intriguing storyline that is based on previous Pokemon Rom hacks. A storey about three main characters: a mother, a son, and a professor. You will be taking on the role of a Pokemon Trainer in the area, which has been renamed Tagral.

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Basic Info About Pokemon Lunar Version GBA Download:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Lunar Version
  • Author/Creator: Kostas
  • Type: GBA
  • A Remake of FireRed Version

Complete Walkthrough and Gameplay of Pokemon Lunar Version Download GBA:

An intriguing storey about three people who live in a small town and travel from one location to another in search of various Pokemon items. You’re also in the Kantos Region with your mother and Professor Alan. As we all know, the Kantos region is mysterious, with a lot of things going on all the time. Suddenly, something happens in the area, and Mother vanishes. Get Pokemon Rojo Fuego ROM or Pokemon Dark Cry Game as well.

You’re looking for her, but it’s in vain. Following that, Professor Alan is the main character who transports you from the Kantos region to a safe location. As a result, he transports you to the Tagral region, where you are safe. Similarly, you mature and train to become the best Pokemon Trainer.

The first task assigned to you after receiving the Pokemon from Professor Alan is to become a Pokemon Trainer. Now you’re looking for the real reason why your mother was taken away from you in the Kantos region. You travel to the Kantos region to discover the true cause of this tragedy.

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About the New Region and Characters:

Kantos is the region at the beginning of Pokemon Lunar Download GBA Version. Where strange things have been happening over the last few decades. Following that, you will be able to see and discover the game’s other most important region known as the Tagral region. Both of these areas are fascinating to discover and explore.

In addition, there are a variety of new characters in the game. Some are in the Rival teams, while others are in your Pokemon Training team. As a result, you will be training some of the game’s new characters. Purchase Pokemon Sweet Version

EXP Points:

The EXP Points are the most important feature of Pokemon Lunar Version GBA Download. These points can be increased by catching various types of Pokemon characters, such as Wild Pokemon. The higher the EXP Points, the higher the ranking, and so on. While travelling through the areas and catching various Pokemon characters, you will receive special offers and bonuses.

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Screenshots of the Gameplay:

Best Features of Pokemon Lunar Version ROM Download:

  • Having the excellent quality of graphics.
  • Physical Split also special Split.
  • Having a new region name as Tagral.
  • The Grottoes are hidden.
  • Having a new and updated Pokedex in the game.
  • Fairy type Pokemon.
  • Wild-Type Pokemon.
  • Increase the Exp Points by cathing.
  • Repel System.



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