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Pokemon Topaz ROM Free Download

Pokemon Topaz Version is one of the most amazing Pokemon Ruby Hacks, with a completely new storyline. Pokemon Topaz Download Version includes several new pokemon to catch as well as a new area to explore. Bazza, the creator of Topaz Pokemon ROM Hack, has introduced an entirely new pokemon rom hack with a new storyline.

The main character must capture some pokemon in the area, some for promotion and some for training. The game’s official language is English, which is common in all pokemon rom hacks; however, some ROM hacks of the Ruby version are also available in other languages. Let’s jump into the article’s detail section, where we’ll reveal all of the game’s hidden and open features.

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File Info of the Game:

  • Full Game Name: Pokemon Topaz Version
  • A remake of Pokemon Ruby
  • Creator: bazza
  • Status of the game: Completed
  • Language: English

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Topaz Download GBA Version:

The game begins with an introduction section in which you must select the gender of your main character. The game now includes a variety of new missions and characters, making it more complex in terms of gameplay experience, similar to Pokemon Star Version. Because you are in the area, Professor Giovanni will soon assign you a task to capture a rare pokemon in the area. You must now remember that the Giovanni character is your new boss, and you must also follow his instructions. With the passage of time, you will be assigned to some additional rare missions.

Capturing the rare pokemon of this area is one of the main core tasks, because if you do it honestly, your promotion will be completed. You must now keep in mind that you will require some specialised skills in order to capture the various types of pokemon in the area. In terms of the rare Pokemon in this area, this is the only one that your boss will use in his research, and you are the only one who can assist him. All of the expectations are on you, and the other important thing is that your promotion is directly related to this small task. This rare pokemon can be found in some rural areas as well as some remote regions.

After capturing that pokemon, your boss will allow you to return to your home region, Shawford. Shawford is the only region where your mother and father reside, and they are eagerly awaiting your arrival. Your mother has an amazing gift for you to show you because you are the only child and they have certain expectations of you. Now you must complete the tasks as soon as possible in order to progress in the game and visit your hometown. Fortunately, your boss will allow you to visit your homeland in a helicopter, which is one of the game’s most amazing scenes. However, you must first free yourself before proceeding to other tasks in the regions.

Battles and Capturing:

The first thing to note about battles and capturing rare pokemon is that you must have some special skills to do so. Some of the enemies are in groups, and you must challenge them to some real fights in the area. Some of them are extremely powerful in terms of abilities and skills, while others, such as Pokemon Solar Light and Lunar Dark Download, are simply a waste of time. All you have to do is capture a different type of pokemon in the area to increase your capturing power over time. You should improve your skill level because the more skills you have in these types of tasks, the more likely you are to succeed and gain powers.

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Snapshots of the Gameplay:

List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Topaz Download:

  • Having a unique region and plot.
  • Amazing Storyline.
  • Almost 200+ New Pokemon are available to catch.
  • New Powers are given.
  • The Pokedex is updated.
  • Maps and Scenes are new.
  • Amazing kind of attacks and attacks modes.
  • The helicopter is present.




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