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Pokemon Glazed ROM Free Download

Pokemon Glazed GBA Game is a well-known Pokemon Emerald Hack. Pokemongbaroms.com has the Full and Final Version of Pokemon Glazed with all of the latest features and updates. This is one of the most difficult GBA hacks, and it can be downloaded from the link provided at the end of this article. The Pokemon Glazed Version GBA Storyline is unique, with each region in the game having its own storey. In the game, you can gain access to two more regions. Tunod is the name of the main region.

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Basic Info About Pokemon Glazed GBA Download:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Glazed GBA Version
  • Size: Above 10 MB
  • A remake of Pokemon Emerald.
  • Language: English

Complete Walkthrough and Gameplay of Pokemon Glazed Version GBA:

The game has some cool quality graphics that will provide you with a unique gaming experience as you play the game. You are a young boy living in the Tunod region. The Tunod region is a new region introduced in the Pokemon Games for the first time. The region is quite amazing and vast, and it is well worth exploring. On the map, there are some adventurous lands that can be accessed in the area.

Because you live in the Tunod region with your parents. And since today is your birthday, will you receive a special gift? What do you think would be the best gift for you? The answer is that you will encounter your first Pokemon. This Pokemon will be with you for the rest of your life. This will be your best companion wherever you go. However, be aware that it can be hazardous in some circumstances.

Champion Pokemon:

There are Pokemon known as “Champion Pokemon,” which are rare Pokemon that appear only after you have defeated the Pokemon League. Their CP is 80% higher than that of ordinary Pokemon of the same level. They have very high defences and HP, so they should be difficult to defeat.

They share the trait of dropping a large amount of Stardust when defeated or captured; in fact, if you take them to your Secret Base, they’ll provide even more Stardust than wild Pokemon that aren’t champion Pokemon at all. Pokemon that evolve through trading will not evolve if traded to the Pokemon League, whereas Pokemon that evolve through friendship will continue to evolve normally.

It also happens the other way around – Pokemon that would normally only evolve through friendship will occasionally evolve if you have them trade with a Pokemon in the Pokemon League. Items can be purchased for 100 Poke Dollars each in Pokemon Centers! Heal Balls, for example, cost 10 Poke Dollars each, while Revival Herbs cost 50 Poke Dollars each.

When treated at a Pokemon Center, Pokemon who faint from poison or burn during battle take twice as much damage as usual. Outside of battle, the HM “Fly” will not work unless you walk 100 steps inside Mt. Thunder after receiving it. Pokemon of the same species but different levels may appear identical, but their Pokemon Center descriptions will tell you which Pokemon is stronger.

You should not force wild Pokemon to fight unless they express a desire to do so. Pokemon who are forced to battle will be dissatisfied. Pokemon that fight when they are not willing will fall in love less frequently – and Pokemon of the opposite gender will not even fall in love with Pokemon of the same gender who have previously fallen in love! Pokemon with low friendship may flee battles, so make sure to heal any Pokemon you won’t be using in battle at a Pokemon Center afterwards.

Glazed team:

Alright, let’s get started on our adventure!

Rhyhorn: C’mon Rhyhorn! Let’s go for a walk outside of Frosty Forest!

Mewoth (speaking): I haven’t seen some Pokemon yet. It’ll be a lot of fun to find them.

Groudon: Pokemon are the friends of a Pokemon Trainer. Pokemon Trainers and the Pokemon they raise with their Pokemon should always be together – which is why I’m embarking on an adventure!

Oh no! says the glazed team. Our Pokemon does not enjoy fighting… It’s about to flee… We must take action!

Rocket Grunt (speech): Hello, there! You’re in front of Team Rocket’s favourite spot to watch rare Pokemon battle each other. What do you think if we just had those Pokemon fight each other?

Tunod Region:

It is a Pokemon Emerald hack that is based on Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire. HacksKing, ShadowxSonikku, KingOfAces1 and other members of the Pokemon Game Development Forum worked on it. The game is set in the Tunod region.

To be honest, I haven’t played Pokemon games in over a decade. However, once I began playing Pokemon Go, I suddenly remembered how much fun it was to play these games when they first came out.

So I decided to experiment with 6th generation hacks! Pokemon Glazed, an excellent remake of Pokemon Emerald with awesome graphics and interesting Pokemon choices, was one of the hacks that initially piqued my interest. Pokemon Glazed is a hack of Pokemon Emerald with Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire graphics, sounds, and mechanics. It’s Pokemon Emerald, complete with Gen 3 Pokemon!

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Chocco Town:

Pokemon Glazed is set in the Tunod region, which is based on Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. The journey begins in Chocco Town, a coastal town named after a Pokemon known for its chocolatey flavour!

Many Pokemon fans have high hopes for this game; they want to see what sounds and Pokemon appear in Pokemon Glazed. As you begin your quest, it becomes clear that there is something wrong with this world.

The storey starts when you leave your house to begin your Pokemon Journey. Accompanied by your little sister Mimi, she hands you an Onix egg, which hatches into an Onix (it’s pretty obvious why she chose that Pokemon!) and thus your Pokemon adventure begins!

Pokemon in Pokemon Glazed are Pokemon – except for the Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire. Psyduck, for example, evolves into Golduck, and Onix evolves into Steelix. As you travel through the Tunod region, you will encounter people who require your assistance as well as Pokemon who have escaped from their Pokeballs…

It’s great to be thrust back into Pokemon games after such a long absence! I really want to keep playing and catch a few Pokemon myself; of course, an Onix would be ideal ; )

Have fun with Pokemon Glazed! As you begin your journey, the game does not provide much information or advice; however, the little information it does provide is sufficient! Pokemon Glazed’s gameplay and Pokemon selection should keep Pokemon fans entertained for hours.

Pokemon Characters:

Pokemon Glazed contains over 40 Pokemon from the Generation 3 games (Ruby/Sapphire). Most Pokemon can be found in their natural habitats. However, some Pokemon are restricted to specific areas, such as Psyduck, which can only be found in Tunod Forest, and Mudkip, which can only be found near Chocco Town’s beach. Pikachu evolves into Raichu, but Onix does not evolve beyond Steelix due to selective Pokemon evolution. While seeing new evolutions for some Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y was exciting.

About the First Pokemon:

As you will be receiving your first Pokemon Birthday Gift. This Pokemon character is quite distinct from the rest of the Pokemon characters. To make it your best friend, keep it well-trained and behave more politely with it during any type of conversation.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you don’t use this pokemon carefully, it can be harmful. Don’t rush to get to certain events or things because it could be harmful to your health. Pokemon Puzzle Challenge and Pokemon Infinite Fusion are also available for download.

About the Graphics and Battle System:

Several elements in the game are appearing for the first time. There are some new 3D Elements that are really fun to play with. The overall graphics for both the background systems and the foregrounds are fantastic.

When it comes to the battle system, several physics are introduced in the player’s movement. The player can now move in a variety of directions. Rival teams are present in most locations and ready to fight. Play the Pokemon Apollo Game.

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Screenshots of the Gameplay:

Best Features of Pokemon Glazed Version GBA Download Game:

  • Amazing quality graphics.
  • A-One Quality physics.
  • There are pokemon from Gen 1 to 5.
  • Also, have some legendary pokemon from Gen 3 and 4.
  • Having a new region name as Tunod.
  • Having five starter pokemon.
  • Two different regions name as Rankor and Johto are accessible.
  • Unique storyline
  • New Sprites and textures.


Download (Beta 7b) {Official}

Download (Beta 9.0 by TrainerX493) {Unofficial}

Version: Beta 7B

Updated: December 1, 2019


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