Moemon Platinum NDS ROM Download

Moemon Platinum NDS ROM Download

Moemon Platinum is a fan-created game based on Pokemon Platinum. It’s a Nintendo DS game for all Nintendo DS fans. Explore the area to find and capture some pokemon. Moemon Platinum is a Moemon hack because it uses Moemon sprites instead of the original pokemon sprites. Moemon and Pokemon encounters can be found all over Sinnoh.

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Complete Walkthrough of Moemon Platinum NDS:

It has many new features and updates over its previous versions, which include Moemon Red, Moemon Blue, and Moemon Yellow, which were released prior to Moemon Platinum. It has a Moemon-only region (Kanto), which contains Moemon versions of Kanto Pokemon. Moemon Yellow’s Moemon Only Kanto region featured Moemon Pikachu, Moemon Charmander, and Moemon Bulbasaur (Nuzleaf instead of treecko in Moev Yellow). In the Moemon Only Kanto Region, Moemon Red and Moemon Blue had Moemon Mew, Moemon Snorlax, Moemon Dugtrio, and other Pokémon (Japanese names and regular ones). Try Pokemon Digimon FireRed as well.

It includes both Pokemon and Moemons. The main distinction between Pokemon and Moemons is the number of sprite changes, which makes them easier to distinguish in game. Pokemon have original sprites, whereas Moemons have changed sprites from their originals, such as blue pikachu instead of yellow or pink snorlax instead of green.

Moemons also have an advantage over Pokemon in that they can use previously unavailable moves, such as TMs, on non-TMs, increasing the potency of their offence. A bootleg Moemon with a level of 1000 can also be obtained by progressing to the next gym leader, as in Moemon Yellow.

Its Own World Map:

It has its own Moemon Pokemon world map, which is similar to the Pokemon World Map. It has carved out its Moemon region from Sinnoh, and it also includes Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Orre. Moemons, who make up the majority of the game, have their own world map, whereas Pokemon do not.

Moemons are primarily obtained through eggs, such as Moemon Red, or through trading/cvs, such as Moemon Blue and Moemon Yellow. Moemons can also be unlocked in the ‘Power Plant’ area, where you will meet many strong trainers, including Ray, who uses super Moemons (Moemons with level 100 and MAXED all stats), including the Moemon Level 1000. The ‘Race Track’ in Moemon Yellow has been replaced by the Power Plant in Moemon Platinum.

Moemon Platinum includes many updates from previous versions, as well as new features such as Power Plant, new Moemons, and updated graphics and animations from Moemon Red, Moemon Blue, and Moemon Yellow. It also brings back old features such as a Kanto-only region for Moems, as well as remakes of Misty and other characters. It also includes Moemons with their own dex entries as well as a Moemon World Map. Also, consider downloading Pokemon Indian Platinum (v 1.82)

We’re writing to let you know that Pokemon Moemon Red, Pokemon Moemon Blue, Moemon Yellow Alpha, and Moemon Yellow Beta are games created by the Japanese Reverse Engineering group ‘Paraiso.’ The most recent Moemons news can be found and downloaded on this page.

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Amazing new Graphics:

Moemon Platinum has improved graphics and a slightly higher resolution. It is quite stable for its age because it uses Pokemon Platinum as a base rom. It also has multiplayer capabilities, allowing you to play with or against your friends over a WiFi network. In terms of graphics, Moemon Red, Moemon Blue, and Moemons Yellow use simple pallet swaps in place of pokemon sprites, whereas Moemon Platinum mostly uses Moemons instead of the original Pokemon.

Like other Pokemon, the newer Moemons have their own dex entries. Moemons’ graphics have been thoroughly updated, with gleaming new Moemen Animations and Sprites. There are also many places to discover in Moemon’s Kanto region that can be explored by adding a walk through walls cheat code to your game or using Gameshark codes.

Easy Access to Island Areas:

It adds easy access to Moemon’s old areas, eliminating the need to travel through Moemon Green. Moemon Silver, Moemon White, Moemon Red, and Moemon Black also had this access, but only after defeating the Elite Four. It will allow you to enter these locations from the start of your adventure!

Revamped Island Challenges:

Moemon Platinum improves on all previous versions of Moemon’s challenges, including those on Wayward Island, with new Pokemon available for capture and/or trade, as well as the return of previously untradeable Pokemon. It also restores all missing trainers and their teams to Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald! In addition, it includes Moemon SoulSilver challenges! Also, consider downloading Pokemon Fusion Platinum (Completed)

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New Items:

It contains all of the items from the Moemon Yellow and Moemon FireRed versions, as well as the contents of their Key Item lists. Moemon Silver, Moemon White, Moemon Red, and Moemon Black already had the majority of what was in Moemon Yellow, but Moemon Platinum adds a lot more that wasn’t in any previous version, such as TM03 Water Pulse, TM04 Calm Mind, and many new TMs to be used on compatible Pokemon. In addition to these, there is one special item – Master Ball, which always, without fail, captures wild Pokemon! However, it can only be obtained after defeating certain bosses later in your adventure or by trading with another cartridge.

Moemon only had TMs that could be used on Moemon in Moemon Yellow and Moemon FireRed, but now he can use them on Pokemon that can learn the moves as well.

It also contains some items from the Moemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal editions. The item list for Moemon Platinum is quite lengthy, and I do not intend to go into detail about it in this post. Instead, I recommend that you look at its Item List to see what all of them are!

Adventure Updates:

Some of its updates, such as Moemo and FireRed/LeafGreen, were already included in previous versions. Because Moemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and FireRed Versions lacked Moemon Gold’s Pokegear, Moemon has access to it from the start. It has Moemo Yellow graphics as well as Moemon FireRed/ LeafGreen graphics, making it a hybrid of the two. Moemon Platinum also includes the version-exclusive Pokemon from Moemon Silver!

Moemon Red, Blue, and Yellow all took place in Johto, whereas Moemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal took place in Kanto. Moem on Platinum is a hybrid of these two regions, with unique features derived from both, such as the Kanto Safari Zone.

As previously stated, beating the Elite Four grants you access to the original island challenges rather than having to travel to Moemon Silver, Moemon White, Moemo n Red, or Moemon Black first. Also, take a look at Pokemon Platinum Randomizer Download ROM (Updated)

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Features of Soul Silver:

Moemon Platinum also includes many of the features found in Moem on SoulSilver. Because the majority of them are Moem on SoulSilver exclusive Pokemon, they cannot be found in Moem on Gold, Silver, or Crystal. It grants you access to all towns, including those that were previously only accessible after defeating the Elite Four! Most Kanto Pokemon are available from the start, with some new additions such as Johto starters and their evolutions that were not available later in previous versions.

It also includes many new challenges and even areas such as “Smooth Moves,” where you can dance with Pokemon to make Moemon happy, as well as Moemon SoulSilver challenges, Moemon Yellow and Moemon FireRed Versions’ missing trainers including their teams (Moem on Gold, Moem on Silver, and Moem on Crystal already included these), TM locations, and other previously unavailable things from Moemo n.

Many of the new additions in Moemon Platinum occur after you defeat the Elite Four, such as Moemon SoulSilver Challenges, which include trainer battles against Gym Leaders, Elite 4 members, or even your rivals who still have their Pokemon from previous versions! Instead of having to trade with a cartridge that already has them, such as Moem on Silver or Moem on Green, Moem on Platinum gives you access to all eight Badges before fighting Red.

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Screenshots of the Gameplay:

Some Amazing Features in Moemon Platinum NDS Version:

  • There are over 50 new Moemons to catch/obtain (slight variations given by Pokecheck).
  • All 386 moemons are available in game without using Action Replay or AR cheats.
  • Easy access to island areas (Fogward & Undella Islands) without HMs or event flags. Extra islands accessed with event flags.
  • Various Islands accessible after unlocking PC Moemon Storage.
  • Moemon League available in game.
  • Fossils given out by NPC for Moemon fossil reviving instead of Helix, Dome & Old Amber. (They are found on the ground)
  • Moemons can learn all TM/HM and Move Tutor moves now.
  • Moemons can evolve past 4th Gen levels.
  • Breeding to get a baby Moemon that resembles its mother’s evolved form or when different types of Moemons breed resulting in a baby Moemon with characteristics from both parents.
  • New TMs: Volt Tackle, Acrobatics + new TMs variations for better move set combination.
  • Moemon type effectiveness updated to 5th Moemon gen levels.
  • Moemon type weaknesses expanded and elaborated
  • Moemons can learn all TMs/HMs.
  • Gym Leaders have Moemon Teams in their gyms which have different strategies from the original games.
  • Elite Four & Champion has Moemon teams with some altered Pokemon movesets compared to original Platinum game.
  • Moemon locations are corrected in Trainer Locations section.

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