Pokemon Korosu Download

Pokemon Korosu

Pokemon Korosu is a fantastic and revenge-based pokemon game that is closely related to the Pokemon Outlaw version. The plot of Pokemon Korosu download differs greatly from that of any previous pokemon hack. This game is a complete remake of the Fire Red Version, with English as the language used. Crizzle, the game’s creator, has added a twist storey about a girl in the game who is the main and leading character. Her parents have been murdered by local criminal gangs, and she has been kidnapped. It has a lot of features that can be found and discovered.

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Basic Info of Pokemon Korosu Version GBA:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Korosu GBA Version
  • Creator: Crizzle
  • Remake of Fire Red
  • Platform: GBA

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Korosu Download GBA ROM:

The game’s plot revolves entirely around retaliation and tracking down all of the enemies in the area. This version contains some amazing features and updates. It should be noted that this is the final version, which includes all of the characters that were available in the outlaw version. This game is related to the Pokemon Outlaw version, which focused on the Kanto region.

The overall gameplay is divided into two distinct regions that can only be completed by you while searching for your enemies. As a girl, your family has been murdered by the criminal groups present in the area, as seen in Pokemon Sweet 2nd Version. Your main objective is to track down and avenge your actual enemies. They may be more powerful than you and possess specific types of bad weapons.

You can find them by using various techniques and cheat codes that are provided and shared by every website on the internet. The main thing is to deal with them in any way possible so that you have no trouble finding and killing them. You are a vengeful woman who must exact vengeance at all costs. There are some bad pokemon in the area, which may complicate the game for you, but don’t worry.


The graphics in Pokemon Korosu Download Zip gba are fantastic. Because the game’s creator added some new elements and background effects while creating it. There are some familiar faces as well as some new ones. All of the battle effects are fantastic because they are both unique and appealing this time around.

Storyline Type:

The entire plot revolves around vengeance, and you have the option of completing all of the missions. While moving from one location to another, look for all of your enemies. While conducting your search, you can make use of a variety of helpful materials. Along the way, you may encounter a variety of challenges of varying difficulty. As you progress through the levels, the game becomes increasingly difficult.

Several new pokemons have been added to the game, some of which are from Generations 4 and 5, while the majority are from lower generations. There are some physical and special splits available to try in the game. Sevii island and the Kanto region are the two main regions. The majority of the game takes place on Sevii Island, with some sections also taking place in the Kanto region. The plot twist occurs in the Kanto region.


List of Some Amazing and Astonishing Features and Updates in Pokemon Korosu Download GBA:

  • Nice collection of graphics.
  • Sound System is perfect.
  • Storyline is completely based on Revenge.
  • Having some new pokemon from different Gen.
  • Difficulty level of the game is increased.
  • New type of characters.
  • Physical and Special Split.

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