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Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire is a fantastic 3DS game developed by GamesFreak. It’s essentially a remake of the Pokemon Sapphire Rom. Adding some new pokemon to the game’s roster. The storey was fantastic and exciting, but there are some issues with the new Pokemon available in this game. To make room for new Pokemon, GamesFreak has removed all old Pokemon from this game. As a result, if your favourite Pokemon isn’t included in the game, you may be disappointed.

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Wow! Pokemon Alpha Sapphire is having some new Pokemon:

– Pokemon Smoochum

– Pokemon Munchlax

Game Detail Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
  • Developers: Game Freak
  • Language: English
  • Platform: 3DS
  • Original Version: Pokemon Sapphire

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom:

The gameplay in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire is truly amazing, and the Pokemon graphics have become more vibrant and beautiful. It has some Pokemon that were not included in the Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Roms, such as Pokemon Smoochum and Pokemon Munchlax. Pokemon Smoochum has a high Sp.Attack and Speed, just like Pikachu in the Pokemon Yellow Cartridge. You will have a blue backpack instead of a red one in this game. In addition, a new battle theme is now available for this game (which we used to listen in Pokemon Emerald).

This new game shifted the Starters’ positions: Mudkip, Torchic, and Treecko were there before him. Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio are now in charge.


How Pokemon Alpha Sapphire looks like:

Pokèmon Alpha Sapphire is available in three languages: English, Spanish, and French. Its gameplay is very similar to that of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. It has a new battle theme, which we heard in Pokemon Emerald (which was my childhood favorite). Pokemon Ruby Rom and Pokemon Sapphire Rom were released for the first time in 2003. It’s a 14-year-old game that’s now a super-awesome game for us. This video will assist you if you become stuck at any level of the game or are unable to complete any mission in it.

Legendaries Groudon & Kyogre:

These two legendaries are the most important Pokemon in it.

Groudon was created by long-time Pokemon fans GamesFreak. Groudons used to inhabit the Hoenn region. It is one of the most powerful Pokemon in the entire Pokemon Universe, which is why it was chosen as a legendary Pokemon for the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire rom. You’ll need 5 or 6 Masterballs to catch Groudon, and you can easily tame it with them.

Kyogre Pokemon used to live in Sea Regions. It was also created by ancient Pokemon fans gamesfreak, and it was the Green Version mascot back in 2004. (which I loved very much). This game will feature a new boss battle against Kyogre and Groudon at the same time. You will also have a new Pokemon called Laporeon, which was not included in the Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire Roms. This Pokemon has the appearance of a Water Pokemon and the power of an Electric Pokemon, so its attack is very powerful.


How to play Pokemon Alpha Sapphires, tips for Beginners :

If you’re playing this game for the first time, simply control your starter pokemon, such as Pokemon Rowlet/Litten/Popplio, to progress through the storey. To easily capture Pokemon, you should create some Pokedex entries. It contains some Pokemon that were not present in Pokemon Ruby or Pokemon Sapphire.

You should exercise caution when selecting your team members because this is a single-player game and you cannot change your Pokemon team at any time. When capturing Legendary Pokemon, make sure you have at least two of each type, as I did with Groudon and Kyogre (which was epic battle). The main goal of catching Pokemon is to fill out the pokedex entries so that they become more powerful during battles and easier to capture legendary Pokemon like:


– Pokemon Regice – Pokemon Registeel – Pokemon Regigigas – Pokemon Cresselia and much more…

How many Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Pokemon are there ?

1. Pokemon List is about 180 Pokemon species in total, out of which around 140 Pokemon types were added to the game and remaining 50 Pokemon Types are from Pokemon Gold & Pokemon Silver games. In this game we will be having caught Pokemon called “Pokemon Laporeon”. 

2. It may have some Megas (Mega Evolution) for original pokemon : like how Mega Venusaur was discovered in Pokemon X & Y. But we don’t have any confirmation on that yet, so stay tuned 🙂

Mega Sceptile:

Mega Sceptile is a Grass/Dragon Pokemo nn, and it is the first Pokemon to have Mega Evolution. If you want to win the contest, you should use Pokémon with high-style and capture golds at every contest as it increases the style of your pokemon. This will aid us in mastering Pokemon contests in other games as well.

This game includes over 40 new attack moves. There are still some Jirachi Events in this game. Alpha Sapphire is a Pokemon. Pokemon The Jirachi Pokemon Event has yet to be added to Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. This Pokemon could only be found in the Pokemon Colosseum game. We’ve already seen some Jirachi Events in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, but these types of events are no longer available!

It has a new Pokemon called “Pokemon Laporeon” that has Water and Electric Attack types. This pokemon looks awesome and has the power of both Pokemon, so its attack is very powerful. If you’re looking for how to catch shiny Pokemon, your chances are better than with other species: Shiny Charizard, for example, or others… And if you manage to catch that shiny, it will also be Shiny Pokemon.


This Pokemon Game has a lot of new Pokemon, as does Pokemon Omega Ruby, but Pokemon Alpha Sapphires is even better than Pokemon Omega Ruby. This game has more new Pokemon than Pokemon X and Pokemon Y because it’s a “Pokemon Emerald Remake” version, which makes this game a little bit more difficult to play for some people who loved playing the Pokemon Emerald game back in 2002, but the truth is that we have a lot of new features and new experiences in this cool game called “Pokemon Alpha Sapphire.”


How many legendary Pokemo nn characters are there ?

There are total 5 Legendary Pokemo nn Characters: – Lugia – Groudon – Kyogre – Pokemon Deoxys – Pokemon Rayquaza

Pokemon Crustle, Pokemon Shelgon, Pokemon Altaria, Pokemon Darkrai, Pokemon Manaphy, and Pokemon Jirachi are among the new Pokemon in this game. It also includes all of the features found in the Pokemon Emerald game, and it was the last version released before the release of Generation 4! Yes, we can confidently proclaim that this is the best Generation 3 game ever!

Mega Swampert:

Mega Swampert is a rare type of pokemon, and Pokemon Swampert is one of the best Pokemon games of Generation 3. There are five different types of Pokemon in this game: – Electric – Grass – Dragon – Ice – Water Pokemon This Mega Pokemon Swampert Attack makes it more powerful than other Pokemon types, so if you’re going to use this Pokemon type in battle, try to make your Pokemon first, because first Pokemon can attack more powerfully!

New Moves:

Many new moves have been added for certain Pokemon, such as how we had Earthquake, Surf, and Dive on water pokemon only a few years ago, but now it is possible for a Fire Type Pokemon to have moves such as Hydro Pump, Blizzard, or Ice Beam attacks…etc. So, following the new update with the Jirachi Event, those 50+ Pokemon. Certain Pokemon will be able to use these moves.

Mega Diancie:


Diamond is a New Item added to This game, by using Diamond items we can power up our pokemon so it becomes strong…and all types (Ground,Fire,Water…) have different shapes of Diamonds.

Some new features available in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire ROM Download:

  • Different Types of Pokeballs added Like how we had Pokemon Master Ball, Pokemon Ultra Ball Pokemon Great ball Pokemon Pokeball Pokemon Safari Ball Pokemon Dive Ball and many more but now Pokemon Alpha Sapphires has a new Pokemon called as “Premier Ball” which catches the wild Pokemon 100% easily.
  • Gym Badges: There are total 8 badges in this game and if we talk about Generation 3 then it was having only 7 badges which were Sapphire , Ruby, Gold, Silver & Jade . But Now its available to get all these badges together plus one more badge added named as Amethyst Badge!
  • Contests : This Game has lot’s of features like Pokemon Contest. If you’re going for Battle with someone else then there is no need to bring certain type of Pokemon because you can bring your Normal type (Ground,Fire,Water…) with you which makes it more interesting!
  • Battle Frontier : This Game has everything like in Generation 4 and Generation 5 , Because we have Battle Frontier too in this game. It consists of many different places and stages where you’re going to battle against the top trainers of Hoenn Region. And Don’t forget to visit Joe & Shelly in Battle Factory if you want to dominate for Elite Four Battle because they are best people for training their Pokémon.
  • Groudon & Kyogre : These 2 legendary pokemon’s name was kept secret until recently . But now its been revealed that both Pokemon are Kyogre and Groundon. And with the help of these 2 legendary pokemon’s you can create Mega Evolution.
  • Mega Evolution : This Game has a new feature named as “Mega Evolution” which is just like evolution but it may be different from other evolutions because in this only 1 pokemon can have 2 mega versions ! Like if you’re gonna use Mewtwo then your second version will be called as Mega Mewtwo Y which helps to fight against x4 strong enemies with his High Speed & Attack Stats!
  • New TM Moves : In Generation 3 before there were only 8 TMs present (If I’m not wrong) but now Game added 50+ new moves which Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon you can add to your Pokemon.
  • New Materia : I forgot to talk about this feature before . In Generation 3 there is new materia added which helps to increase the power of your pokemon and all types have different shapes like as Heart shaped, Diamond shaped and others.
  • Sky Pillar: This is a place where players will face “Dusknoir” in order to get some rare TMs while defeating him Pokemon Master will have access to Sky Forme Deoxys…and don’t forget that this game also has Rotom if you’re going for collecting Plates then you will surely find it in Route 118 & Mauville City.


Some Important Characters in the Game:

Wally: This Pokemon character is one of the most important characters in this game and will undoubtedly assist you in obtaining all badges. He was not available in previous generations.

Cheryl and Riley: It has now been revealed that they are the new Hoenn Region Gym Leaders. According to previous reports, these two people were just some trainers, but it is now clear that these trainers have become gym leaders because they both had a lot of strong pokemon and if players want to battle with them, they should be prepared for hard work because they both have different types of Pokémon.

Battle Frontier: As I previously stated, there are many places for battling, including Battle Frontier, which is the best place for training Pokémon so that they are stronger and ready to battle against the Elite Four’s Trainers.


Game Corner: This game has the same feature as Ho-Oh and Celebi, but now you’ll also find Mewtwo! You can only obtain this Legendary pokemon if you have enough coins.


May/Brendan: These characters play an important role in the game as well. They are both boys and girls who assist players while they are playing the game. May/Brendan (Female) is one of them, and Brendan/May is another (Male). If one of them appears as an opponent in Battle, it means he or she wishes to engage in combat with you.


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