Pokemon Grape Download

Pokemon Grape Download

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Grape Rom

Version: Final v1.6

Updated: December 25, 2020


Name: Pokemon Grape

Type: GB

Hack of: Red

Language: English

Creator: 80C


It’s 1999, and you’ll be playing the role of a former baseball player who must compete for ownership of the Pokemon League in order to avoid a war between two regions, Frejo and Kelgo. Furthermore, some Team Rocket survivors who fled Kanto following the failed Silph Coup have migrated there and joined a secret cult in order to interfere in this competition and start some nasty plot! Will you save the world, become the ultimate Pokémon master, and reveal all the dozens of hidden secrets?

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  • Explore the Region of Frejo AND the Region of Kelgo. Frejo alone is way bigger than Kanto.
  • Catch all the 248 Pokemon species
  • 11 Legendary Pokemon
  • 25 types: from the canonical Dark, Steel and Fairy to Light, Bone, Sound, Wood, Atom, Wind & Gas
  • A multitude of completely new maps and dungeons. All with the best graphics ever seen in retro hacks.
  • EVERY pokémon sprite it’s in higher resolution with better details, shadings, palettes, and with detailed backsprites
  • New methods of evolution implemented, from Place Evolution to Move Evolution and items that evolve
  • A fast Kart instead of the bycicle, capable of doing x4 speed at will
  • New Pokeball types: Fast, Net, Nest, Dive, Dusk, Timer, Repeat and Heal Balls, along with Dope Ball, Shiny Ball AND even the Snag Ball – for catching a trainer’s own Pokemon!
  • Repel System from Pokemon Black2White 2
  • Completely new items with completely new functions, even outside of battle: Lighter, Mining Pick, Magic Hammer and many more!
  • 70 extra new Moves, including moves that use the new types
  • Hilarious dialogues, humour and tons of “pop culture” references, and there’s even occasional self-censored profanity, Conker’s-Bad-Fur-Day Style
  • Several glitches left there by the original developers were fixed


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80C, Uac.Dario, Shanty Town, AshAndMisty, Danny-E 33