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Pokemon Supernova Sun

Dio Vento’s Pokemon Supernova Sun is a rom hack of Pokemon Ultra Sun. It has increased the interactivity of Pokemon. You can now choose any Pokemon you see on the map in a Pokemon Centre and it will take you to the nearest Pokemon School or Pokemon Gym. They will also participate in activities such as training at Pokegyms and learning skills at Pokemon Schools.

If this Pokemon isn’t your highest level, you can challenge them by talking to them after they’ve completed their action. This will raise their Pokemon Level while also granting other Pokemon access to new abilities and attacks that would otherwise be unavailable at their current skill levels.

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Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Supernova Sun Download:

Treat yourself to something special if you have 10x Pokecoins from the daily bonuses every day for 30 days instead of 8x coins! The Pokemon Supernova Shop has a large selection of Pokemon to purchase – you can now share Pokemon you’ve raised and Pokemon you’ve caught with your friends.

They will not, however, be random Pokemon; rather, they will be Pokemon that are ideal for them! As a result, a friend who prefers fire Pokemon is more likely to receive a Charmander from you than a friend who prefers water Pokemon. This allows you to strengthen your bonds with certain friends, which means they’ll fight alongside your Pokemon for twice as long as usual during attacks.

If you have access to Bootiful or Stepponass (depending on where you live), now is the time to show off your Pokealot dance move in battle! When it comes to Pokemon stepping like they’ve got Pokemon Soul, all that practise has finally paid off. You can now teach your Pokemon four Pokemon moves at the same time! Pokemon Crystals can be used to unlock Pokemon moves that are currently unavailable to your Pokemon. Pokemon Crystals may occasionally appear in a machine inside Pokecentres or by using real money.

Battle Moves:

Pokemon Supernova Sun introduces six new battle moves for Pokemon that can learn them, two of which require a Pokemon Crystal each. Two attacks called “Consume” and “Aegis-Shield” that require 2x Pokemon Crystals to use…but we won’t tell you how or where you get these…

The following Pokémon evolve through the use of a special item:

Pokemon Supernova Sun has also added 250 new Pokemon to its PokeDex, including Pokemon from Pokemon Go, Sun, and Moon! There’s a good chance you’ll find something you like. And, thanks to the Change of Weather System, you’ll see different Pokemon depending on whether it’s raining or sunny in Pokemon World.

Evolutions of Pokemon:

The following Pokemon can now evolve into different forms using a special item:

  • Piloswine- requires one Shiny Stone running off your new shiny graphics engine
  • Sentret- requires one Miracle Seed whilst planted in Miracle Garden (new area)
  • Geodude – requires one Hard Stone running off your new Hard Mode system…which means there will be even more impossibly hard monsters wandering around Pokemon Supernova Sun

Grouping Feature:

Pokemon Supernova Sun includes a system in which Pokemon in your Pokemon Group will assist you by battling Pokemon for you when they have the highest Pokemon Level. They’ll be able to fight three Pokemon at the same time instead of two! This makes it easier for players who may encounter difficult Pokemon while wandering around Pokemon World. If you use this new feature to protect these Pokemon from attacks, they will grow stronger and learn more attacks, making them the ideal partner in future battles.

Trade directly with friends on 3DS or between versions with Pokemon Bank…which is now available for free download via Nintendo Network Holomark (because it no longer requires DS games)!! Pokemon Banks support up to 100 Pokemon from any version, so you’ll be able to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Supernova Sun to Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon! It also means that you can trade Pokemon with your friends over the internet rather than in person (which is ideal for those who don’t live nearby).

Amazing new Level Game:

When caught and evolved, Pokemon discovered in Pokemon Supernova Sun are found at higher levels. This allows players to choose how their Pokemon will grow and evolve rather than being limited to a single path.

Some Pokemon have gained new abilities: More types, new abilities, and stat changes, some of which were previously unavailable in previous versions, such as Surf (for certain Pokemon), Mega Evolution, previous generation moves, and so on. When trying out different movesets on their Pokemon, players will have a much richer experience… Experimenting with different Pokemon Moves and Pokemon Crystals can result in some extremely powerful combinations. After all, Pokemon World is a live Pokemon MMO!

New Movesets

Furthermore, certain Pokemon have even more new features, such as new movesets! In fact, just for kicks, we changed the evolution level of one Pokemon that was previously unavailable in Pokemon Sun and Moon due to its inability to evolve. However, you can now use Pokemon Crystals on it!! We won’t tell you which ones, so you’ll have to discover them for yourself.

Some Pokemon have “Shiny” variants…

However, these are much more difficult to locate than regular Pokemon…

so keep an eye out when entering grass or caves in places like Alola! Pokemon Shines have a physical appearance that changes colour. Pokemon Stats differ between Shines, but Pokemon Movesets remain the same. Shiny Pokemon only have one “Shiny Form”: Shiny Pokemon can resemble a specific species of Pokemon or they can be completely different and distinct from regular Pokemon.

The Pokemon World:

Pokemon Supernova Sun expands the Pokemon World! I mean, really big! It’s so vast that you might get lost on your journey at times… However, this only adds to the excitement of the exploration.

Players who trade Pokemon with friends will be able to benefit from trading items as well, as they will leave gifts for other players to collect by chance. To reduce the amount of time you have to wait for another player to accept your invite, we’ve added an online/offline feature that allows you to see if your Pokemon World friend is currently in Pokemon Supernova Sun or Pokemon Moon.

Improved Move Database:

Pokemon Supernova Sun has an expanded Pokemon Move database that includes moves from previous generations. This means that Pokemon Movesets are much deeper, and there are a lot more Pokemon Move combinations to try out when building a customizable team of Pokemon.

Pokemon Eggs for Pokemon Supernova Sun have also been updated! There will be new Pokemon Eggs to find, such as the rare Shiny Pokemon eggs (which hatch into fully grown Shiny Pokemon) that will replace the ones found in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon… Please look again if you were missing any shiny egg moves.

Dive / Surf by default for Underwater HM (some monsters have it by breeding)

Pokemon Supernova Sun is based on the Pokemon World App, which was created with cross-platform technology, so Pokemon Supernova Sun players can compete against Pokemon Moon/Ultra Pokemon players!!! So far, we’ve only been able to add Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon as new entry points for Pokemon Bank – but with the release of Pokemon Supernova Sun, our team can start thinking about adding Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness (which requires a compatible DS emulator), Game Boy Advance games, and even Game Boy Color games!

Xerneas with Power Herb + Fairy Gem = Power Symbiosis (Moonblast)

Wonder Trade:

Given that you’re trading for new shiny Pokemon, we don’t think this feature is necessary in conjunction with Pokemon World. However, we recognise that people want Pokemon for Pokemon Worlds, so we’ll include it starting with Pokemon Supernova Sun. Pokemon Wonder Trade will provide you with Pokemon with random movesets and stats to begin your Pokemon World team.

We tried hard to make this work, but it was too difficult using 3DS wireless technology – so we’ve put these projects on hold until Nintendo releases next-generation hardware that supports Cross-Platform / Cloud Saves. Please keep in mind that Pokemon from previous generations will no longer be compatible with any future Pokemon game once they can no longer connect.


Some New Features in Pokemon Supernova Sun:

  • Pokemon Supernova Sun has variety of new features which are added to make the Pokemon experience even more exciting.
  • New Pokemon Types: In Pokemon Supernova Sun, we see the introduction of whopping 5 new Pokemon types! Some Pokemon have dual typing as well.
  • Single Battle System: The Battle system in Pokemon Supernova Sun is simpler than ever before and you can face off with a single Pokemon at any given time , instead of facing multiple Pokemon in once.
  • Also, If one Pokemon faints during the battle, You lose that battle automatically without going through full fledged Pokecenter visit for reviving your Pokemon like previous games did. So be choosy about who you want to bring on battlefield!
  • Fighting Type Gym Leader: Steven Stone is the Pokemon Supernova Sun’s Gym Leader.
  • Dedicated Pokemon Editor: Pokemon Supernova Sun comes with Pokemon Editor which lets you edit and customize your Pokemon to a very high level . It even allows Battle Bond Pokemon to be edited as well!
  • Battle Bond: A brand new mechanic named “Battle Bond” has been added.

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