Pokemon Cursed Black Download

Pokemon Cursed Black

Reidd Maxwell’s Pokemon Cursed Black is a special pokemon rom hack for RMXP. The addition of new features such as new moves and battle effects enhances the game’s appeal. The main character must act as a trainer and ensure that the Pokemon train on time. Pokemon Cursed Black Download now has a new area, and the entire gameplay has been improved and renewed. Around 300 new pokemon have been added to the game, making the pokedex more complex. The game’s graphics are exceptional, and it includes some new animations for moves and battles. Let’s move on and look at some of the game’s amazing features.

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Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Cursed Black.
  • Remake By: Reidd Maxwell
  • Platform: RPG Maker XP.
  • Version: Demo 1.0
  • Release Year: 2015

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Cursed Black RPG Game:

With over 300 new pokemon, the overall gameplay has been improved over previous rpg games you’ve played. As a young trainer in the area, my ambitions are higher this time. So you and Bianca go to the dream yard, where you find Team Plasma brutalising a pokémon named Muna. Trying to get their hands on the dream mists, they let kick in and out of this thing like a Team Rocket member. After scaring them away, Muna departs with its mother and marshana, leaving you with the dream miss what a touching moment now you’re frequently in the cream city Screw the Pokedex, let’s become champion. There will be a few quick shenanigans with Team Plasma along the way, but nothing too exciting, so the next gym is at the back of the museum.

On the way in, he reappears, what a strangeo what the hell I just fought him like 20 minutes ago. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa Do his bidding, which contradicts what he just said earlier, that once you get to the gym, you have to read books to solve problems. To get to the gym leader bullring, you must defeat Leonora, who uses normal type Pokemon. Once defeated, you will receive the basic badge. It’s funny how basic has become a derogatory term now that Leonora has a five-fingered facepalm and some nonsense happens in the museum. Team Plasma flees with a massive school, and guess who has to recover it? Jackie Chan, because he’s an archaeologist.

Exploring the Important Places in this area:

You arrive at Castelli, a city, after crossing a massive bridge. Isn’t it lovely? This is the location of the third gym; once inside, you will encounter bunk type Pokemon. After you beat hamburger, you’ll have to run through some honey web traps. In order to obtain the third badge, you must travel north through a sandstorm to NIM basa City in this gym. You had to take a strange cyber rollercoaster ride to get to the gym later. That’s better than the previous gym’s leader, Alisa, who is an electric-type user who just sits on her ass all day. You leave now that you’ve earned your fourth badge and run into some family drama between Bianca and her father; he followed her all the way here just to drag her home.

When a model approaches him, he immediately yields after that is taken care of. Sharon appears out of nowhere and tries to fight you. Alisa then assists you and Sharon by lowering the drawbridge, allowing you to travel to Drift Failed City. Another random long bridge that Clay, the gym’s leader, makes you hunt down as soon as you arrive. So, Team Plasma, you have to go into this freezing storage facility and find them; they’re all huddled together in a small storage unit. Trying to stay hidden, why would they choose to hide there when you have to fight like five of them?

They’re all taken away only to be bailed out by their boss five minutes later. What a waste of time you’re now in Clay’s gym. He uses ground sight Pokemon, which requires you to travel all the way down to the core of the earth. Just fighting him gets you the quake badge, which is better than the basic badge. Clay wants to meet you on Route 6. You go over there after you beat him, and he has his krookodile remove some Electric web. Why can’t my krookodile do that? This happens as soon as you enter Church through the cave, and he was literally only five steps away from me. I was ruining on my way to talk to this, why the hell did these white heads come to escort me? We brought you the one you wanted, you probably saw me, do you really need these to drag me?

About Music and other Features:

The music in this game is a strong contender for my favourite music in any Pokemon game. My all-time favourite music track, however, comes from the third generation Pokemon games. Maybe I’ll talk about more Pokemon music in the future, Junichi Masuda. If you’re listening to music, you’ll run into Professor Juniper’s father Cedric when you arrive. He’s with Scylla, the city’s gym leader, and you can’t fight her just yet. She wants to run away to help some injured wild Pokemon, so he follows her up Route 7 to Celestial Tower, which is some sort of tower with a bunch of ghost Pokemon. When you reach the top of the tower, Skylar will be waiting for you. She has already saved the Pokemon and is now just chillin’ why couldn’t she?

I just waited in town while she did this, and she says you should ring the bell while you’re up there. I suppose the tone of the Bell reflects the personality of the person who rings it. Scylla then agrees to meet you at her gym so you can finally challenge her. Once inside, you must hop into cannons and blast yourself across the building to advance the leader. Seriously, and they have insurance for this look, you smack right into the wall when you get to Scylla, the flying Pokemon leader, and you fight her to get the jet badge. When you finish the badge, you leave the gym, and oh no, not this creep again. He talks about how he grew up with Pokemon since he was born, but he understands them better than most people. He doesn’t understand why your Pokemon like you despite the fact that you train them for battle, but he has hidden respect for you because of that.

On the way to the next city, your mother calls to see how you’re doing and how nice of Earth it is that you have to go through twist mountain to get to the next city. This place stinks because it’s a huge maze where everything looks the same and it’s easy to get lost at the end of the cave you and Charon find. Some Team Plasma remember now that you’ve finally made it through Twist Mountain, welcome to Icarus City, and what the hell are they up to? Anyway, it’s time to get down to business with this town, so we enter our seventh gym and you slide around the slick floor that can’t be too safe. Then you slide across jumps that span bottomless pits. Who in their right mind thought this was a good idea? I mean, I know it’s a game, but imagine explaining a ten-year-old mother to you.


Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Cursed Black RPG Download:

  • New area and plot.
  • The gameplay is enhanced.
  • Some new Pokemon are added.
  • Pokedex is advanced.
  • The music and sound system is awesome.
  • You will get only one pokemon.
  • Run indoors.
  • Graphics are extraordinary.

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