Pokemon Light Platinum DS Download

Pokemon Light Platinum DS was created and remade for the Nintendo DS due to the popularity of the Pokemon Light Platinum GBA Version. All of the features and updates from Light Platinum are now available in the NDS version. The majority of the features are quite unique, making this game even more unique and amazing for all NDS fans. The Main Character must travel to various locations and discover more pokemon in the area, which may be of various types and nature. Let’s take a look at some of the game’s new features and updates.

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Basic File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Light Platinum NDS
  • Platform: NDS
  • Base ROM: HeartGold
  • Inspired From: Pokemon Light Platinum GBA

Complete Overview and Pokemon Light Platinum DS Walkthrough:

Perhaps you’ve played the Pokemon Light Platinum GBA Version and enjoyed almost every aspect of it. However, this is fantastic news for NDS fans, as the Light Platinum will be the best game ever. The majority of the features are undoubtedly from the main game, but there are some that are exclusive to the GBA version. Of course, the main character must act as a trainer, and you must do so well.

Many new challenges await you, and the Professor is prepared to instruct you as well as to respond to your responses. Almost all of the missions from the original game have also been included in this version. The player must wait for many trainers and will also train a variety of pokemon. Because training pokemon will be the main focus of the game, these are the essential features.

The Trainers and Gym leaders are central to the gameplay, and you will face their challenges as you progress through the game. The majority of these challenges are extremely difficult, but they can be completed while on your way to the main locations. The main locations in this area are hidden, whereas they were not hidden in the original game. These are the most amazing features, making the game stand out from the original sequels.

About the Routes and Regions:

As the game introduces new routes, the majority of them are beautifully decorated with beautiful designs and colours. The majority of these options are available in the first area where you landed. The storey begins here, where you must gain access to various tools and elements on Routes 1 and 2. Following these routes, you will need to advance in the game for more information and to catch different types of pokemon. As you are aware, catching is one of the game’s core tasks, and we must take this into account as we make further advancements in the game. The majority of the routes are designed in such a way that you will feel safe and fresh while training and catching various types of pokemon.

There are about two regions in the main area, and all of these regions have been considered the most advanced, so keep this in mind. According to the elders’ stories, some mysterious powers and creatures live here as well. These elders will also advise you in the field in which you are currently working.

Facts about the Pokemon:

As new pokemon have been added to the pokedex, the pokedex has grown in size and complexity. There are approximately 640 Pokemon in the area where you are currently living, and the majority of these Pokemon are catchable, so you do not need to be concerned. One interesting fact about these pokemons is that they come from different generations, just like Pokemon from Gen 1 to Gen 4.

As you progress through the game, you’ll notice that the pokemon will follow you. Not all pokemon will follow you, but some with different or similar types will. You should keep in mind that these pokemon can also be beneficial to you. They have specific abilities and powers that can help them progress in the game and use these powers for various achievements.

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Screenshots of the Gameplay:

List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Light Platinum DS Version Download:

  • Having a different plot and areas.
  • As there are only 2 main regions.
  • The Pokemon will follow you along the way.
  • Many different powers and status features.
  • Nice collection of graphics and animations effects.
  • About 107 Different Pokemon are available from different Generations.
  • Legendary Pokemon from different Generations are available.
  • The main character has different powers and features.
  • Beginning of the story is completely different from the Original Sequels.
  • Amazing kind of Puzzles.
  • New Maps and Routes.
  • Also, the Routes has been decorated differently.

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