Pokemon Lost Silver ROM Download

Pokemon Lost Silver

Pokemon Lost Silver is a Creepy hack of the Pokemon Silver Rom that includes Creepypasta Pokemon. This game was created with the assistance of RGP Maker XP for all PC users. Despite the fact that Pokemon Lost Silver ROM Download is not the original, you will have the same game feelings and effects as the Silver Game.

With the addition of some new pokemon characters in the game, the area and plot of the game are completely different. Despite the fact that the game’s Pokedex is not yet complete, you must complete the Job. The main character has lost the battle against the Gold, as he has already defeated you. Let’s take a look at some of the awesome features available in the game that you might enjoy.

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Game Full Name:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Lost Silver Rom
  • ROM Hack of Silver
  • Created by: Creepy
  • Platform: RMXP

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Lost Silver Version Download:

Gold is one of the most professional and talented characters who has long since defeated you. After being defeated by the Gold, the Red character is in a bad mood. Red has some dreams, and one of them is to become the best and most professional Pokemon character in the game. Becoming a Pokemon Master is one of the player’s dream jobs, but becoming the leading role and master of this area is extremely difficult. As a master, you will have access to a variety of tools and events in the area. You will also have control over some characters in the forest. Now that the Pokemon Master is Gold and has access to some of the region’s most secret locations, it’s too late for you.

Red commits suicide by jumping from buildings; however, the Gold character notices him while he is committing suicide and flews away to save him. As soon as the game begins, you will see the Gold Character dressed as a trainer, just like in the Pokemon Fire Yellow Version. He is prepared to train various types of game characters. The player also wishes to become the area’s pokemon trainer; in order to do so, you must complete nearly all of the area’s difficult tasks. One intriguing aspect of the Gold character is that he has no recollection of himself, including who he is and what tasks he must complete.

About the Pokemon Party:

There will also be a Pokemon Party in the game soon. There are now five strange Pokemon in his Pokemon party that combine the text LEAVE and a Cyndaquil with only 1 HP left. Flash Skill is the only interesting skill that can be used for specific tasks and features. After using Cyndaquil’s Flash skill, he sees a blood-red room, which is quite interesting to watch. Walking down to the end of this room, Gold comes across a sign that reads TURN BACK NOW. He flatly refuses. Suddenly, he realises everything he has done since the battle with Red. These are some of the scenes you will see while playing as the game’s main protagonist.

Becoming Trainer:

To become a Pokemon trainer, you must complete a variety of tasks and missions in this area. There are various types of difficult tasks, such as defeating the Gold character in the area, which is one of the most difficult tasks so far. If you are successful in defeating such characters, you will be crowned the best Pokemon trainer in this region. Trading could be the game’s second option. Furthermore, all of the competitors want to be the best and most professional trainers in this field, which complicates the process of becoming the best trainer. So all you have to do is complete almost all of the game’s events and points. As a result, you will encounter some relaxing situations in the game.


List of Some Amazing Kinds of features available in Pokemon Lost Silver Rom Download:

  • The region is entirely different.
  • Plot and background effects change.
  • Pokemon Creepypasta is available.
  • Pokedex is incomplete.
  • Moves are enhanced.
  • New Graphics and movesets.
  • Music is awesome.

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