Pokemon Skyline

Pokemon Skyline

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Skyline GBA Rom

  • Creator: destinedjagold
  • Version: Beta 1 Fix 1.3
  • Hack of: Ruby
  • Updated: ???

Pokemon Skyline is a Pokemon GBA Rom Hack by destinedjagold based on Pokemon Ruby Codebase/Engine in English. And It is now available to download.

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In this game, you will play as Professor Birch’s son or daughter from the Hoenn Region. You chose to travel to the Kanto Region by boat. You didn’t do that because you were blown away that fateful night by a strange and violent storm. A large group of Water-type Pokemon attacked you. And when you awoke on a beach, you discovered an Eevee. It has decided to accompany you on your journey to Kanto. After a series of events, you decided to head to the Crest Region instead. Along the way, you’ll meet a lot of trainers who share your goals. Whether they are friends or foes, you will have to fight them and prove yourself. You’ll run into Team Aqua again a long time later. Can you put a stop to their evil plans?


  • A new region called Crest is waiting. It is located far east from the Kanto Region. It usually welcomes countless thunder storms due to the mass ocean around.
  • You are the hero from Hoenn Region.
  • Your starter will be Eevee.
  • All Pokemon from Gen I to Gen III.
  • Team Aqua is back for more.
  • The National Dex will be much better than a normal Pokedex.
  • If you want to battle with wild trainers, you have to talk to them.
  • After receiving a new badge, you can re-battle every trainers who you have encounter before.
  • If you beat a gym leader of a town, there will be an NPC who reward you.
  • The weather system is available.
  • You will not be alone in this game. You have rivals.
  • The Chip-Battle mini game is back once more.


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