Pokemon Terra Nova

Pokemon Terra Nova

Download Pokemon Terra Nova RPGXP Fangame

  • Creator: MC50
  • Version: 1.05 (Completed)
  • Updated: Decemer 26, 2021

Pokemon Terra Nova is an RPGXP Fangame by MC50 made using RPG Maker XP in English. And It is now available to download. It was last updated on December 26, 2021. Also, be sure to try out Pokemon Meta Fire Red X


– The plot of the game is lighthearted and goofy, with colourful characters making fun of each other. There are numerous scenes of the characters teasing each other or non-playable characters, some of which are required and many of which are optional.

– The game follows a group of characters who have travelled to the Deep Blue region, a newly formed region almost entirely funded by a single woman, Silvia. There are numerous options.

Pokemon of various types can be found in this region. For this new region, a gym challenge, Elite Four, and champion have been established.

– These characters are eventually assigned to a Team and will work together to obtain the badges and challenge the Elite Four.

– But there is a secret going on in the world… Rumours of a mysterious voice speaking to people in their sleep, and those who hear it quickly fall into a coma.

– What is the real storey here?



Over 880 Original Pokemon! (Fakemon)

This game contains a colossal number of Fakemon – over 880 of them! We sprited these (mc50 & co) – some are splices of original Pokemon, while others are original designs. This game contains no original Pokemon – only Fakemon! Check out the Readme file after downloading the project for more information!

16 Gyms, with some freedom as to how to progress the game!

In this game, there are 16 gyms. Gyms are divided into groups of four; to advance to the next group of gyms and gain access to more areas of the world, you must defeat two of the gyms in that group of four. Once you’ve progressed far enough in the game, at endgame levels, you’ll be able to challenge all of the gyms.

Lots of detail and side content!

  • PokeKings online message board with art and fictitious “Forum Posts” by game characters on each and every Fully Evolved Pokemon!
  • Find or earn costumes to change the appearance of your characters! Some are minor tweaks, while others are completely different!
  • Inspect almost every piece of furniture to receive some amusing flavour text! There are a plethora of them! You might even come across a Furniture Token…
  • Other characters in the game world can be found at random throughout the game world. There are a lot of them, and their dialogue is constantly changing. You may see them conversing with NPCs or with each other, or they may be free and offer you a trade or a battle.
  • When you lose to a gym leader, you may return to find them already challenging someone else! You can either sit and watch the battle or return at a later time.
  • PokeGear has a plethora of phone channels from which to call. Some of them provide useful battling features, such as a Move Relearner or Pokemon Name Rater, while others are more amusing, such as a number that allows you to bet on fictitious futuristic racers and much more!
  • 40+ optional sidequests, including M3rein’s Quest Log script to keep track of them!
  • Tons of postgame battling content, such as Master Trainers for every fully evolved Pokemon (400+) and numerous high-level tournaments and challenges, some straightforward, others with gimmicks, culminating in the final challenge against 100 trainers! More information can be found in the Readme file.

Play as four different characters!

In this game, you will switch between four different characters thanks to NettoHikari’s Multiple Protagonist script! They’ll have their own teams, but there will come a point when you’ll be able to swap and trade between all four protagonists…

Also, be sure to try out Pokemon Meta Fire Red X