Pokemon Fire Red Extended

Pokemon Fire Red Extended

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Fire Red Extended GBA Rom

  • Creator: DjTarma
  • Version: v3.2.1
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: June 15, 2022

Pokemon Fire Red Extended is a GBA Rom Hack by Lu6ci6fe6r based on Pokemon Fire Red Codebase/Engine in English. And It is now available to download. It was last updated on March 31, 2022.

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A FireRed Remake Project With A Lot Of Advanced Enhancements!


  • Pokemon from Gen 1-8 (Kanto To Galar).
  • Custom Level For Starter Evolution.
  • Evolve Certain Pokemon With Link Cable.
  • All In-Game Fonts Have Been Blacked Out.
  • HUD & Updated Layouts For Better Experience.
  • IVs, Natural Display Added & PSS Icons Inserted.
  • Unique Events (Some Legendary Events Are Missing).
  • Certain Evolution Methods From Male/Female Pokemon.
  • Party Specific Evolution (Remoraid + Mantyke = Mantine).
  • Advanced Evolution Guide In With Game File Download.
  • Custom Wormhole System & Sideway Stairs GFX.
  • Dive Maps For More Exploration & Some Incomplete Events.
  • Revamp Map’s GFX & Custom Battle Background’s GFX.
  • Advanced Move Tutor For 2000$ In Every PokeMart.
  • Replaced Elite Four With The Ultimate Pokemon League!
  • Field Moves. (Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Flash, Rock Smash, Waterfall, Dive, Dig, Sweet Scent, Rock Climb, Dig, Headbutt, Drillrun, Bulldoze, Thief, Growth).
  • New Fossil Resurrection System For Gen 1-8 Fossils (Use Thief On Hikers/ Dig In Certain Maps).
  • Safari Zone Expanded To 4000$ (Does Not Count Steps + 60 Safari Balls)

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v3.2.1 – Celadon Mart Rework!
– The Celadon Mart took a new update:
Now, the game has items to reduce EVs! (You find it easily on the 2nd floor of the Mart)
– 4th gen Pokémon palette shiny has been reworked.
– A anti-cheat system was added to Indigo Plateau.
(To enter the Indigo Plateau again, just complete the maze of Victory Road from the beginning)
– The first attempt to fix the Nugget Bridge prize exploit from vanilla games.
– Fixed a bug in Cerulean Cave where the player was prevented from exiting normally by dragging the Strength Stone.
– Fixed a bug on Route 16 Forest that prevents the player from exiting without the Badge that unlocks Strenght move.
– The Arceus’ Event was finished.
– Aurora Island was inserted in-game.
– Minor fixes on Habitat Layout.

v3.2 – Habitat Rework update!
– The Habitat Layout took a rework!
– A lot of maps get a new rework and Hidden items!
– Regieleki was added in-game. (Viridian City at East Side)
– Regidrago were added in-game (Rock Tunnel)
– Calyrex was added in-game (Route 08 – Forest)
– Fixed the following bugs:
Anger Point freezes the battle after being activated.
The second floor of Pokécenters was available, they were removed.
The Fighting Dojo’s Boss in Saffron was fixed.
The Fossil cavern of the Route 15 exit was fixed.
– A new island was added in Kanto. (It’s accessible, but not fully implemented, discover by yourself).
– To enter Cerulean Cave, you need only the eight badges.

A new system was inserted in-game!
There is a farm on Route 26, and it is now 75% complete!
After defeating the family that owns the farm, you will be able to collect honey!
For you to be able to participate in the system, have a Pokémon with the move Thief.
The Pokémon with Thief will be responsible for putting his hand inside the bee’s nest.
If all goes right, you’ll be able to collect a honeycomb, but if all goes wrong, a Pokémon battle will begin!
The following Pokémon are:
Combee (50%)
Beedrill (30%)
Vespiqueen (15%)
Note that you have 5% to get a Honeycomb item.
Once you get three honeycombs, you can go into the gray machine and extract the raw honey into a Honey Pot.
Note that Honey Pot works like a Full Restore, and you can sell at $5000!

– I’m starting to prepare for the following events:
Arceus’s event (After beating the Pokémon League)
Enamorus Event.
The NPC that gives Magearna (After beating the Pokémon League)
Rework of Trio’s (Raikou, Entei, Suicune/Regirock, Regice, Registeel/Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf/Landorus, Thundurus, Tornadus)
Rework of Hoopa event (And possibly a form-changing system)
More NPCs to increase the Lore in-game…

I will be giving maximum focus to any reports of the Habitat Layout being incomplete.
Until 3.3 I want to make sure that the list is completely inserted.

3.1.7 – Zacian & Zamazenta vs Eternatus battle!
– Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus were added in-game!
– Zacian and Zamazenta are available on Freeze Forest of Ore Valley.
– Eternatus are available on Route 20, secondary cave, close to the Cinnabar Island.
– This time, the Route 01 Cavern warp was fully fixed.
– I’m creating the Habitat Layout rework to release the 3.2 version.

v3.1.5 – Move Priority Rework update!
– Fixed a crucial error that all priorities’ moves do not work on battles.
– Fixed and insert a lot of new stuff in-game.
– The game gets a rollback to the 3.0.2 version. (Some maps were reinserted again 75%)

PS: Keep in mind that this update had a big delay due to the problem in the moves database, this update had a bigger focus on fixing this problem.

v3.1.4  Dark Theme on UI Battle
– Added Dark Theme in the Battle UI. (Debuff icons were fixed!)
– Fixed a lot of logical script exploits:
Defeat Giovanni Before Sabrina, Blaine, Koga makes the rematch activate (This was fixed).
Fixed a lot of maps, scripts, and improved the system of their scripts.
– Added Volcarona in-game (On Icicle Forest’ cave).
– Added the following abilities:
Anger Point (Special Thanks to Blackuser):
Mankey/Primeape – Defiant/Anger Point
Tauros’ abilities – Intimidate/Anger Point
Sandile/Krokorok/Krookodile – Intimidate/Anger Point
Morpeko Hungry Form – Anger Point

Gluttony (Special Thanks to Blackuser):
Alolan Rattata – Gluttony/Pickup
Alolan Raticate – Gluttony/Thick Fat
Bellsprout/Weepinbell & Victreebell – Chlorophyll/Gluttony
Galarian Slowpoke – Gluttony/Own Tempo
Galarian Slowbro – Mega Launcher
Galarian Slowpoke – Synchronize/Own Tempo
Shuckle – Gluttony/Sturdy
Zigzagoon & Galarian Zigzagoon – Gluttony/Pickup
Linoone & Galarian Linoone – Gluttony/Pickup
Pansage/Simisage – Gluttony/Overgrow
Pansear/Simisear – Gluttony/Blaze
Panpour/Simipour – Gluttony/Torrent
Skwovet/Greedent – Gluttony/Pickup
Applin – Gluttony/Bulletproof
Flapple – Gluttony/Hustle
Appletun – Gluttony/Thick Fat

Pastel Veil (Special thanks to Blackuser):
Galarian Ponyta/Rapidash – Run Away/Pastel Veil

PS: I’m preparing a fix for Habitats to the 3.2 version and planning more stuff in-game too.

v3.1.3 – Important Bug Fix update!
Fixed several bugs:
– Logical syntax of the following trainers – Sabrina, Koga, and Blaine with the rematch and receiving the badges.
– Height issues with some Pokémon’s Back Sprites.
– Improved spawns, Route 02 and Route 04 have two small extra maps.
– Inserted some NPC that guide the player to use certain expanded Field Moves (Bulldoze and Headbutt, the rest are inserted in future updates).
– Fixed the syntax of several Legendary Pokémon. [If you don’t find a certain Legendary, you will need to reset your save].

Improvement in the following features:
– Deep Space of Pewter City and the Laboratory of Route 13. (I share the spawns of the ultra beasts between these maps).
– The map that will support Arceus is under development
– The map that will contain the battle between Eternatus against Zacian and Zamazenta is 50% complete.
– Planning some extra features to enhance the lore of the extra stories in the game.

v3.1.2 – Fossil System quick fix, Dojo’s rework, and quick fixes!
– Fighting Dojo (Saffron), Bug Maniac’s Community (Ore Valley), and PokéManiac Tavern (Chrono Island) are complete!
Prizes and Move Tutors have been full-implemented.
– Mew’s event was fixed on Tago Town’s forest.
– Fixed the last Scientist that supports Galar fossils on Cinnabar Island.
– Fixed the Metronome Tutor on Cinnabar Island.
– Fixed a lot of signs in-game.
– Fixed the Diglett/Dugtrio vanilla and Alola not display in the Pokédex.
– Fixed the Cable Cars’ system and Dynamic Machine in the top room of Cable Car of Cinnabar Island.
– Added QoL NPC at the beginning of the Game. (Route 22, close to the Tago Town).
– Fixed the Cave on Route 1.
– Special thanks to the @Bug Maniac Team on my Discord server. 

v3.1.1 – Fossil System quick fix & prizes inserted!
– New fossil capture system quick text fix.
Switched Kanto fossils to Mt. Moon and Sinnoh/Unova fossils to Rock Tunnel.

– Fighting Dojo (Saffron), Bug Maniac’s Community (Ore Valley), and PokéManiac Tavern (Chrono Island) now have prizes!
In each place you might select a specific Pokémon:
Fighting Dojo: Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan
Bug Maniac’s Community: Pinsir/Heracross
PokéManiac Tavern: Bagon/Gible

…Also, you have two Move Tutors to use anytime:
Fighting Dojo: Close Combat/Dual Chop
Bug Maniac’s Community: X-Scissor/Signal Beam
PokéManiac Tavern: Draco Meteor/Breaking Swipe

– Fixed a bug with Flying-type Pokémon that do not receive super effective moves.
– Other minor bugs that don’t muddle the gameplay have been fixed.

v3.1 – Fossil System Rework:
– New fossil capture system:
The new system is a new rework of the past system, with new areas for you to capture fossils.
You have a chance to obtain the fossil item or battle a Pokémon that is holding the fossil.
Kanto Fossils – Rock Tunnel
Sinnoh/Unova – Mt. Moon
Kalos/Hoenn – Route 15 (New map at north)
Galar – Route 21, close to the Pallet Town.
– Bug fixes, new maps, new legendaries:
Added Genesect on Route 13 Lab.
Added Jirachi on Route 15.
Fixed many errors, glitches, etc.

v3.0.3 – Bug fix release:
– Fixed many errors in maps, scripts, and specific mechanics.
– The Fighting Dojo in Saffron and Tavern in Saffron City rewards have been disabled.
In the next release, they are 100% functional.
– Expanded and fixed the following maps:
Added Hisuian Zorua in Route 16’s forest expanded map.
Added Hisuian Sneasel in Route 15’s expanded map.
The third Fossil Excavation site is under development (Route 15’s cave.)
Fixed some spawns using Surf/Fishing Rod.
Fixed Exp base in many pokémons
Fixed gender generation on Pokémons.
Fixed Dynamic Machine in Cinnabar Island and Chrono Island.
Fixed Headbutts on Cerulean City, Route 05, Route 04, Route 9, Route 6, and Route 10.
Fixed TM 01 (Poison Jab)’s description.

v3.0.2 – Choose a starter edition.
– Now, the user selects a starter from Kanto to Galar in the beginning! (The Rival will select the vanilla Kanto Pokémon Starters).
– Updated the Prize Exchange Room at Celadon City. (It’s under development until 3.1 version)
– Fixed Exp level of Sneasel to evolve Weavile.
– Added Hisuian Typhlosion (Use Dusk Stone), Samurott (Use Dusk Stone), and Deucidueye (Use Dawn Stone) to evolve!
– Minor text and NPC’s fixed.
– More content is under development.
– The PokéShop at Saffron City has been under underdevelopment and all sellers were moved from their places.

v3.0.1 – RTC quick fix and Trainers’ rework!
– Fixed flash RTC on battles, warps, etc… (The screen filter has been improved).
– Removed the Real-Time Clock from screen due to incompatibilities in the Safari Game.
– The first trainers and Wild pokémon rework. (Route 09 to Cinnabar were increased levels of wild Pokémon).
– Hisuian Typhlosion, Decidueye, and Samurott were added in-game!
– Insertion of legendaries’ extra maps.
– Bulbasaur egg bug has been fixed. (Using a Venusaur to breed makes Pichu born instead of Bulbasaur).

v3.0 – RTC System Update!
– RTC system was added. (Not evolutions or spawns, just a graphic addon)
The game has color filters according to the time you are playing (Based on your device time).
– The sprouts used to be the expanded Field Moves now needs the EarthBadge to work.
– TM 28 is Mud Bomb and TM 42 is Lunge.
– Replaced Incinerate and Frost Breath to Rock Climb and Dig on Pocket Tutor.
– All Ghost moves’ Battle Background was reworked!
– Fixed the Exp. earned of Alolan Raichu.
– Fixed the gender evolutionary chain of Fennekin to Delphox.
– Fixed the Base Stats of Greedent.
– Cinnabar Mansion has a rework on its spawns. (Gothita added)
– Removed Cosmog & Meltan to be captured as normal wild Pokémon.
– Fixed Pidgey, and Hattena evolutionary chain on Habitat feature of Pokédex.
– Mew was added in-game.
– Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus.
– Low Kick on Saffron’s Dynamic Machine was replaced with Icy Wind.
– The fifth-floor vitamin vendor in the Celadon City department has been fixed.
– A lot of Pokémon data was fixed.
– Shiny rework of 1st, and 2nd was completed.
– New invite Discord server inserted.


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