Pokemon Omega Paradox V2

Pokemon Omega Paradox V2

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Omega Paradox V2 NDS Rom

  • Creator: Aster
  • Version: Completed v2
  • Hack of: Pokemon White
  • Updated: August 27, 2017

Pokemon Omega Paradox V2: It’s been one month since the Masked Man attack many have been killed some have been severely injured. Many people are fleeing Unova while some have come to save it…

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Following the attack, many elite clans formed in Unova, led by strong team Rocket and Plasma grunts, and Team Aqua reformed in Unova to liberate Pokemon and allied with the Masked Man.

You survived the Masked Man’s attack, and your friends Cynthia and Drake have returned to Unova to assist you in choosing your first Pokemon. You have been given the opportunity to obtain a starter Pokemon and stop the Masked Man because you are one of the few people who can Omega-Evolve Pokemon.

The Masked Man leaves a scar on all of his victims, as evidenced by their blacked-out faces, and you are fated to stop him.

Everything strange you see early on, such as Drayden dressed as a professor, is explained later in the game, as is the true identity of the Masked Man.


  • Omega-Evolution: Some Pokemon in Unova can Omega-Evolve alike to Mega-Evolution but this can not be reverted and is used to evolve a base Pokemon
  • Mega Evolution (outside of battle): Only two Pokemon can Mega-Evolve (Camerupt & Slowbro)
  • New Gym Leaders: Many gym leaders are dead some have been replaced or demoted
  • New Elite Four and Champion
  • New Trainer Classes
  • New Rivals
  • New Pokemon: over 40 new Pokemon varying from Fakemon, Omega Pokemon, Mega Pokemon, Alola Pokemon, very few Gen 6-7 Pokemon, and Yugioh-mons( I replaced old Pokemon sprites for new Pokemon sprites)
  • Increased level curve compared to the original Pokemon White: Your starter determines how difficult your journey will be (The Masked Man in his first battle puts geodude at a disadvantage in that scenario geodude is hard mode)the difficulty is not actually changed, your starter determines if your battles will be easy or hard.
  • Geodude – Easy Mode (First gym leader has Audino making you level up fast) (Changed sprite+Fire Type)
  • Eevee – Hard Mode
  • Zorua – Medium Mode
  • New Music: Music from Pokemon Hoenn White created by King Drapion composed by PkmnSoundFontRemix
  • New Starters
  • New Move-Sets and Stats for certain Pokemon
  • Many other features thanks to Drayano

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  • Sometimes the text doesn’t fit in the box due to extended text, may occur with the Masked Man so I changed his name at times to MM
  • Some Female Pokemon Sprites are messed up
  • I tried adding the Omega sign into the game, it didn’t work so it turned into a question mark in game this only occurs once in the text
  • Some character’s overworlds have dots over them due to Changed sprites

Tools Used

  • Kazowar-BW Tools
  • Twisted Fatals-Stats editor
  • ANDT-Move Editor and Evolution Editor
  • PPTXT-Text editor
  • Universal Pokemon Randomizer to change starters

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Aster, Drayano, King Drapion