Pokemon Kaizo White 2

Pokemon Kaizo White 2

Download Pre-Patched Kaizo Pokemon White 2 NDS Rom

  • Creator: Qualix
  • Version: Completed 1.05
  • Hack of: Pokemon White 2
  • Updated: March 8, 2021

Kaizo Pokemon White 2 is a Pokemon NDS Rom Hack by Qualix based on Pokemon White 2 in English. And It is now available to download. It was last updated on March 8, 2021.

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“Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter”
Kaizo Pokemon White 2 invokes the same delectation you enjoyed in your youth with an added difficulty so excruciating that every moment is comparable to having your eyes gouged out by rusty nails while a school of swordfish skewers your testicles.


  • Request a melody
  • New graphics, tiles
  • Potential additional regions
  • Cubone & Marowak are now Ground & Dark type
  • Re Battling of Gym Leaders.

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