Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Cubone’s Desire

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Cubone’s Desire

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Cubone’s Desire NDS Rom

  • Creator: Tainted
  • Version: Beta 1
  • Hack of: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky
  • Updated: October 14, 2021

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Cubone’s Desire is a Pokemon NDS Rom Hack by Tainted based on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky in English. And It is now available to download. It was last updated on October 14, 2021.

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Plot Details

Follow the journey of a Cubone who wakes up from a terrible nightmare, only to find his loved one disappearing. Join Cubone and meet friends and enemies alike on his way to find what he cherishes the most.


  • Cola From The New Region.
  • New Pokemon await you in the Orthan Region!
  • New soundtracks inserted from Gold/Silver.
  • Updated mechanics. The Generation 4 physical / special / status split, updated moves and learn sets, the Fairy-type, Generation 4, 5 and 6 moves and more.
  • Many Gen IV – Gen V – Gen VI Pokemon are catchable. A variety number of Pokemon will be added to the PC in PokeCenter.
  • Flash now lights up the whole screen.

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